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Shipping Cases for
Apple Mac Pro Tower

If you're a professional who needs a shipping case for your Apple Mac Pro, then look no further. Tenba Air Cases are hand-built in our Brooklyn, New York factory to provide maximum protection for Apple Mac Pro Towers when transporting them anywhere in the world. And Tenba's unique “Double Door” case secures the computer on location with access to all ports and drive bays front and back so the computer is never left unprotected.

Tenba’s patented Air Case design offers the security of a hard case at a fraction of the weight, which saves your back and saves shipping costs. Air Cases can be shipped, checked as luggage, flown, driven, sat on and stood on, and they will continue to look good and protect Apple computers in any location. Tenba's exclusive layered construction keeps the case hard and durable on the outside, and soft and cushioned on the inside, which ensures that computers and monitors arrive — not just free of scratches and dents — but in good working order.

Read below to find out why photographers, filmmakers, videographers and rental houses around the world trust their Apple Mac Pros to our protective cases.

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Here’s a look at what makes Air Cases so special:

1050 Ballistic Nylon Exterior

How durable is ballistic nylon? It was developed for the military for use in flak jackets to protect soldiers from shrapnel and other artillery debris. It’s the toughest material around, and that’s why we use it. Our ballistic nylon has a polyurethane coating to make it extremely water-repellent.

Patented Shock Absorbing, Layered Construction

The patented, layered construction of an Air Case comprises a tough outer shell; rigid, air-channeled plastic panels; closed-cell foam; and a soft, brushed tricot interior. These layers work together to protect better than any other hard case.


Tenba’s integrated shipping and ID solution features an airway bill window, laser engraveable plate for a logo, and a business card holder. No need to search for a large box to ship your case or attach luggage tags or other identifiers. It’s all built right into the bag.

Hand-cut Foam Inserts

The Air Case interior is custom-fitted for the Apple Mac Pro. High-density foam pads are shaped to support the machine in all the right places, and the foam is wrapped in soft, brushed tricot to protect the surface of the computer from scratches.


Tenba's exclusive “Double Door” case protects the Mac Pro throughout production in the studio or on location, and still allows access to all ports and drive bays front and back.

DROP TEST: Tenba Air Case for Apple Mac Pro takes a beating

See the kind of abuse that Tenba Air Cases are built to survive.

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