Laser Engraving Order Form

Our most unique and “high-tech” customization option, available on Messenger Bags, Air Cases, Car Cases and other Transport products. Using our own, in-house laser equipment, we permanently engrave your name, company logo or message into an anodized aluminum plate (available in a variety of colors), which is then fastened to a specially-molded fitting on the bag – a Tenba exclusive. Laser engraving can be done one bag at a time, so there is no minimum order quantity. Well, I guess you’d have to order at least one, otherwise we’d have nothing to ship you.

Option 1
Line 1 Bold
Line 2 Bold
Line 3 Bold
3 lines max, 15 characters per line including spaces
Option 2
Custom Logo
Must be black and white vector file: eps or ai
Logo Instructions
Type Style Sans-Serif    Serif           Script-Serif
Plate Color Black          Silver          Blue          Red          Orange

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