On the road again? Tenba’s smooth-rolling Roadies and their unique features take the hassle out of travel, no matter where your next adventure takes you. Dressed in basic black, these Roadies are the ultimate in discretion.

The Tenba Roadie Hybrid 21 is a bag that makes traveling with pricey camera gear a bit less stressful, thanks to its security, protection, and convenience…

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Once you’ve parked your full-loaded Roadie, a removable padded insert allows you to quickly grab 2-3 lenses and carry them in your own travel bag. No need to wheel around your entire kit just to have access to your most important lenses.


A no-muss, no-fuss zippered tripod pocket eliminates the need for annoying straps and collars to hold it securely. No tripod? You’ve got extra space for light stands or other “stuff.”


Roadies are equipped with several unique features for more efficient travel—a pocket that holds a battery to keep your mobile devices freshly charged, a front-facing laptop sleeve, and a braided-steel security cable to lock up your gear on location.