Tool Box 4


The Tool Box is one of the most versatile storage solutions we've ever made. It's the perfect combination of protection and organization for everything from GoPro® camera systems, camera strobes and professional audio gear, to the smallest batteries, cables and accessories. The walls and dividers are made with a layered combination of protective EVA foam and rigid PE board to keep contents safe inside any bag. Gear is always visible at a quick glance through the clear TPU window. Elastic loops keep a tight grip on batteries and cables.

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0.40 lbs ( 0.2 kg )

Exterior Dimensions

7.5 in. W x 4.5 in. H x 3 in.D ( 19 X 11 X 8 cm )

Interior Dimensions

7 in. W x 4 in. H x 2.75 in. D ( 18 X 10 X 7 cm )

Tenba Tools is a collection of versatile, problem solving accessories designed to keep everything organized and protected, from memory cards and batteries to cameras and lenses and everything in between. This collection includes card wallets, cable pouches, packable bags, padded camera inserts and more, with each Tool designed to meet the critical demands of professional photographers and filmmakers.

Rigid, padded Tool Box

Provides protected storage and organization for equipment and accessories inside any bag.

Clear, PVC-free TPU window

So contents are visible at a glance.

Fits GoPro® camera systems

Professional shoe-mount flash units, radio triggers, mirrorless cameras and lenses, and so much more