Our Brand

Founded by a photographer in 1977, Tenba introduced the world to soft-sided, professional camera bags and has been an innovation and quality leader in the decades since. Robert Weinreb, a New York City-based photographer, hatched Tenba out of necessity. For several years Bob traveled and hiked with his camera lenses wrapped in knit winter hats, tucked inside a simple outdoor backpack. He dreamed up a shoulder bag with built-in camera protection. A sewing shop in SoHo patterned his first Tenba prototype. The Tenba brand was born and raised in the gritty heart of our favorite city in the world- New York.

Tenba has evolved with photographers’ needs, designing tough, intuitively-engineered bags and cases to protect creative equipment. Whether you are shooting in Central Park or Antarctica, Tenba will get your gear there and back intact.

Tenba never compromises and neither should you.


Pronounced  [Ten-bah]

“Tenba" derives from the tibetan word for strong, unshakable, and reliable. Tenba’s constant goal is to design reliable bags and cases to get yourself and your gear wherever in the world your job takes you. We want you to feel confident carrying your gear in adverse weather, gnarly neighborhoods, or making a shining impression on a new client.

The "T-Shield" icon is our reminder of our dedication to protect your gear.

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