Insulated Water Bottle Pouch


The Tenba Tools Water Bottle Pouch is designed to keep drinks cold and quickly accessible. Attaches to any Tenba bag with an accessory loop, such as the side loops on Cooper Messenger Bags, the belt loops on Shootout and Roadie Backpacks, and the numerous MOLLE-compatible loops on Axis Backpacks. Seamless waterproof interior fabric ensures moisture doesn't leak outside of the pouch.

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4.00 lbs ( 118 grams kg )

Exterior Dimensions

– in.D ( – cm )

Interior Dimensions

– in. W x – in. H x – in. D ( – X – X – cm )

Tenba Tools is a collection of versatile, problem solving accessories designed to keep everything organized and protected, from memory cards and batteries to cameras and lenses and everything in between. This collection includes card wallets, cable pouches, packable bags, padded camera inserts and more, with each Tool designed to meet the critical demands of professional photographers and filmmakers.

Insulated lining

Keeps drinks cold.

Attaches to any Tenba bag

Or backpack with an accessory loop.

Perfect accessory

For the Tenba Shootout Collection of backpacks.