Aaron Anderson

Composite Images

I started back in 2009 with a camera and a speedlight. My goal was to create images that people wanted to stare at, even if they weren't sure why. This seemingly simple goal took me to the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where I spent countless hours in the studio and sitting behind a screen in Photoshop.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself traveling all over the country working with incredible people from every walk of life. One day I might be setting up a mobile studio and shooting portraits of the homeless in our area, the next I will be in an abandoned warehouse with an Olympic athlete. Every morning I wake up and get to be a part of some aspect of the photo community, and I am so stoked about that.

Now, go grab your Tenba bag, and be awesome!

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Tenba is exactly what I look for when it comes to camera gear, you can beat it up and it still looks good when you’re done throwing it around. So many companies ignore the fashion and just make durable bags, but Tenba makes you look stylish, gives you easy access to your gear and protects everything at the same time!