Shootout 14L ActionPack for GoPro

Up to 10" Tablet

Shootout is a comprehensive collection of sling bags and backpacks designed for serious outdoor imaging. Each bag is built for all-day carrying comfort, and is made with the absolute best materials and hardware for all-season protection under the most extreme weather conditions. With the use of water-repellent nylon fabrics, YKK self-healing zippers, Duraflex and YKK clips, waterproof body armor base panels, heavily reinforced stitching and expedition-grade harnesses and shoulder straps, Shootout bags are truly in a class above the cheap polyester bags with no-name zippers that flood the outdoor bag business. Innovative features throughout give you fast access to your equipment so you never miss a shot.

Catalog #



2.3 lb ( 1.4 kg )

Exterior Dimensions

9.5 in. W x 18.5 in. H x 6 in.D ( 24 X 47 X 15 cm )

Interior Dimensions

8 in. W x 17 in. H x 5 in. D ( 20 X 43 X 13 cm )

Up to 10" Tablet

The Shootout 14L ActionPack is truly the first of its kind. It's the only backpack designed to allow the serious GoPro user to protect and organize a large camera system (up to 4 cameras with tons of accessories), and still work out of the bag while on a bike or snowboard or involved in any kind of outdoor sports activity. Action cameras of every kind are so amazing, and they enable the capture of so much incredible footage that would have been impossible up until a few years ago. But they all require a ton of batteries, cards, mounts, poles and other accessories to achieve all those shots. Up until now there's been no good way to organize all those pieces and parts, and certainly nothing that allowed someone to work from an organized camera kit while still mounted to a snowboard. The Shootout 14L ActionPack solves all the issues of protection, organization and quick access, and it even goes beyond the camera system to enable you to carry a helmet, 100-ounce hydration reservoir and some food. This bag is so great that it will make you want to shoot MORE with your GoPro.

Rear access to the main compartment

Allows cameras, mounts and accessories to be swapped out without removing the bag from your body, and can all be done even when on a bike or a snowboard.

Four internal pouches

Organize cameras (up to four GoPros), and a ton of mounts, backs, housings, cables, batteries and other accessories. All pouches velcro to the back wall of the interior for easy organization and removal.

Tenba's Exclusive Pivot-Fit™

Harness Straps automatically adjust to different shoulder shapes for a custom fit.